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Yacht Design
Rating Optimization
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The Iceni range of yachts are designed, built and commissioned here in the East of England. The region has a long history of boat building and we combine that wealth of experience with modern design and build technologies. 
Our Naval Architects can maximise your boat's handicap potential with a complete IRC Review.  We can conduct sailplan and foil analysis together with weight modelling using our specialist inhouse programs.  We also have inhouse CFD and FEA capabilities so any new keel or rudder options can be fully assessed prior to build. 
Performance without Compromise
The aim of Iceni Yachts is to provide quality and pace with an affordable price tag. The i39 is available in 3 different versions namely Club Racer (CR), Offshore (OS) and Grand Prix (GP)
A series of suggested enhancements can be provided along with detailed cost analysis.  Trial IRC certificates can be submitted to confirm the planned updates and we can carry out the ISAF Structural Plan review variations as required.
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Enhancements & Refits
Iceni Yachts can manage your projects, whether it be a newly optimized keel or an entire re-design of your sailplan, our specialist Engineers and Project Managers will ensure you get what you were expecting.  We will draw on our extensive list of partners to get you the best prices for equipment or services required to optimize your boat.
All projects follow our strict QA and QC procedures so you can rely on us to deliver a quality project, on time and within budget.

Built to the ISO 12215 rule 'Cat A' for small craft (ISAF Cat 0) with structural plan approved by DNV GL

Designed and Built in Britain


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